Poetry Films 

The Hole - with Michèle Saint-Michel

The Hole (2021) is a poetry film by Michèle Saint-Michel in collaboration with Cypriot poet Nora Nadjarian. Nadjarian reads two poems in the piece, “Digging” and “The Hole” from which the title of the film takes its name. Visually, we travel across three planes: deeper into a forest, deeper into the sea, and deep into the Earth’s core. We travel past the Earth’s crust, reaching the mantle, past the water’s surface and the tree line. We move deeper: punctuated by malleable areas of semi-solid magma, noticing fish, and the forest’s canopy. We reach the center of the Earth. It is a hot, dense core; dreams and memories have room to blossom here, creating light in the darkness.

Note the English word for “touch” is repeated in Armenian (դպչիլ), German (berühren), French (toucher), and Greek (αγγίζω). Nadjarian narrates the film.

Iktsuarpok - with Marius Grose

Iktsuarpok (2022) was made in collaboration with the British film maker Marius Grose. The poem was a finalist in the 2021 Mslexia poetry competition and  was originally published in Mslexia Magazine in 2022.

The film explores a sense of restless anticipation through images of clock hands, pendulums and the sounds of clocks ticking, while a woman watches and waits at a window.


PoArtry (2021) a collaboration

with the British artist Deane Hodgson