Iktsuarpok is an extraordinary first collection with careful, precise poems that remind us of the delicacy of the world we live in, but also the beauty in small things. Nora Nadjarian’s surprising mixture of emotionally resonant language and surreal imagery make this collection a strange and haunting look at our world. These razor-sharp and richly evocative poems make us look differently at human isolation, rethink our relationship with climate and nature, and observe the absurdity of contemporary life in a moving and lucid way.

PRAISE for Iktsuarpok:

Nora Nadjarian's intensely colourful, image-filled poems offer us a view of the world from surreal and fresh perspectives. But do not be fooled: these poems are not afraid to point the reader’s attention directly at the heart of human violence and conflict.

— Jacqueline Saphra, Velvel’s Violin

With poems that both captivate and question, Nadjarian's voice proves attentive to the fluctuating pulses of this world.

— Rebecca Goss, Latch